Amethyst Stone / Kataila Stone / Jamunia Stone

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Kataila / Jamunia / Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Stone by Jfactor®




#1. Amethyst Stone: Basic Introduction

Amethyst in hindi is called as katiala or jamunia stone.  In general, color of this rashi ratan varies from shades of light to dark purple. Now a days since there are many fake versions of Amethyst. Like synthetic purple corundum, nonosital, purple glass, etc. So if buying with the intention of astrology in mind. Then be very sure of getting hold of 100% natural amethyst stone. 

Indeed a well known substitute for Natural Blue Sapphire or Neelam Stone. Likewise Iolite. Therefore it is said that wearer of amethyst may overcome the ill effects of Planet Saturn! Moreover there is a strong meaning of amethyst stone in healing too. It is good for balancing Sahasrara or Crown Chakra. . Certainly it belongs to semi-precious stone category.

For practical buying, we successfully eliminated the buyer confusion as about origin, price, color, etc. Because we kept the choices straight and easy. Provided our years of significant experience as manufacturers and bulk sellers. Surely, we know that the end user needs the real amethyst gemstone with the original properties. Because they wear it for a particular purpose.

Hence, in other words, we have simplified to understand & buy amethyst stone online at Jfactor®.

#2. Jamunia Stone : Geological Information

Chemical Classification
Chemical Composition
Specific Gravity
Hardness (on Moh’s Scale)
In General light purple to dark purple. But most jewelry grade is reddish purple.  
Natural Occurrence (Origin)
Chiefly from Brazil, Bolivia, Tanzania, Uruguay and Zambia.
Crystal System
Transparent to Translucent

#3. Amethyst as a Rashi Ratan / Birth Stone

Amethyst gemstone is also sometimes used as a alternate to blue sapphire or neelam. Because of its affiliation to the planet Shani or Saturn.  
It is  also very beneficial in constellation of Pisces.
But overall it is a Saturn based stone.  If  there is shani dosha or sade sati in one’s chart. Then astrologers may suggest  to wear it. Hence to avoid negative events. Like accident, injury.  So as a result wearing a Original natural Amethyst Stone Ring or Pendant in Silver can help bring mental Stability. Furthermore,  Tranquility, Spiritual Enlightenment. Meanwhile also bringing wealth, good name, long life, prosperity and good children. Also Notably Amethyst birthstone is called as “Stone of Healing”.  Since it is mild by nature. And thus it does not have any side effects. On the whole the malefic energies of the planet Shani can be undone.
Additionally, as per western astrology. Amethyst Birthstone is for  February Month.
Similarly, it is also worn for Makar Rashi (Capricon). And sometimes also for kumbh rashi (Aquarius).  

#4. Who Should Wear Amethyst Stone

In general  amethyst stone sheds away the ill effects of Saturn . Furthermore  it is also said as a favorable stone for Planet Uranus. So katela stone can be worn by anyone. But particularly, if you do not want  to wear Neelam at once. Then you can try wearing  this instead! Additionally, If one is facing judgmental issues in life. Such as person getting influenced by someone very easily, without thinking right or wrong, can certainly give it a try! Conclusion is that as amethyst stone powers are concentrated for mental stability. So, in general almost anyone can wear it. And also as it does not have  any negative effects, due to its mild nature also.
Even as per numerology, people born on 7th, 16th, 25th can wear it. Moreover in reference of Rashi. Makar and Dhanu Rashi people can wear it. Likewise, amethyst birthstone month is  February. Therefore Feb. born individuals can also wear it.

*We recommend to consult a learned astrologer for correct and deep insights on your specific birth chart.

#5. Benefits and Advantages of Amethyst Stone

In fact, as per Indian astrology variants of sub stones. Natural Amethyst Gemstone benefits vastly revolves around for shadowing the negative vibrations of Saturn. So It is said to protect the wearer from fears, accidents and strained relations. Most importantly as a matter of fact in some beliefs. They advocates it strongly to bring Mental stability. Thus brings Tranquility, Spiritual Enlightenment, obedient children, long life, good name and fame. Additionally, if jamuniya ratan suits you perfectly for Saturn. Then it can bring major change of fortunes and luck. Therefore it benefits overall prosperity.
Notably, in Western world. It is said to have strong properties that helps get rid of intoxication. Some say, if one have a wine in a cup made up of Amethyst. Then they wont get intoxicated. So mental stability is also emphasized as one of  the major amethyst stone benefits! 

#6. Natural Amethyst Gemstone Healing Properties

Amethyst stone symbolizes Nobility, Purification and Physic Powers. At the same time, amethyst healing crystals are vastly used for balancing Crown Chakra. Because amethyst chakra is Sahasrara.  Therefore, it  is likely to help Purify Blood, counter Poisons, cure Vision Defect, relaxing nervous tensions. Also, cure headache, depression,  insomnia. Thus promoting sound sleep and relaxation. Additionally it also helps in curing Women Gynecology problems.

#7. Kataila stone: Complete Guide to Wearing

Wearing Finger (Hand):

Usually, original amethyst stone Ring should be worn in middle finger of right hand for optimum results. If in case one is already wearing some other stone in right hand. Then it can be worn in any finger as it is a sub-stone. Additionally, it can be worn as pendant also.
If required, then can consult astrologer before!

Wearing Metal:

Ring or Pendant made  in Real Silver is definitely the best Metal option for natural amethyst gemstone. But can also be worn in Platinum. 

Wearing Day

For sure, Saturday is the ideal day for wearing the Jamunia stone. Furthermore, the ideal timing of wearing is evening just after sunset in krishna paksha (Wanning Moon).  Otherwise also can be worn on any Saturday Evening just after sunset.

#8. Amethyst Stone: Cautions / Warnings / Side Effects

  • Although no significant interactions with other gemstones are reported. But still you can consult a learned astrologer.
  • In a unlike event of the Gemstone getting cracked or develop milky appearance inside. Immediately Remove it and Get a new one. 
  • As such there are no known side effects of amethyst crystals.
  • Provided amethyst stone does not have any bad effects. So many astrologers also use it as a trial stone or pre stone before suggesting to go for  Neelam .

#9. Quality Grading System & Pricing

In fact Original Amethyst stone price do not vary broadly. Because it is a semi-precious widely available stone.  Though there are many qualities from translucent to transparent. But we will only refer here grade for astrology. And that is Top shade Brazil (Medium to Good Purple).  At the same time, even in this particular category also, more color saturation, luster attract more amethyst price. Thus, evaluating these points and most importantly specific astrology of each stone. Finally,  The Grading of gemstone is successfully done.  At the same time we have taken into consideration of the fact as what 98% people finally end up buying in gemstones. BY AND LARGE, WE WANT TO SAVE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT BY OFFERING YOU THE BEST. SPECIFICALLY AS PER YOUR BUDGET.

Categories of Amethyst Stone:

All things considered, the Gemstones are graded into two categories namely.  1.Super Fine Quality. 2. Good Wearable Quality. In order to know complete amethyst gemstone price list. Click individual quality category below.

Good Wearable Quality

A desirable quality to wear with beautiful luster and transparency. 100% Natural stones comes directly from mines. A little less color but that does not mean that it is any different in comparison to super fine quality. Indeed the constituents and chemistry of stone remains same. Therefore it is as effective as any other natural Amethyst Stone.  Hence you can buy it with confidence for your astrology matters. 

Cost of Amethyst of perfect astrological value starts from INR 360/- only (2.25 carats)

Wear it to believe it!

Super Fine Quality

In comparison to previous category these are finer Brazil Amethysts of astrological value. Because they have more transparency, luster and color than the Wearable quality. Hence also are priced little more. To sum up you can go for this category; specifically if you also want beauty with benefits. Be assured because you are getting the most finest quality in lowest amethyst price per carat in India starting at INR 251/carat.

Go ahead and make purchase now!

#10. Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

a). How long does it takes for amethyst to work or show its effect?

For most people, indeed it takes about anywhere from 1 to 3 months. Subsequently one will start noticing the difference within that time frame. But it depends on certain key factors. Like the stone has to be real, properly energized. And most importantly that it is meant for you as per astrology or Rashi.

b). How to identify if amethyst Stone is real?

In fact Original amethyst stone identification can only be accurately done by a gemologist or a registered lab. As it needs to be tested for hardness, composition, refractive index, etc. Though widely available but still people sell fake ones. May be because it is very difficult to identify closely resembling fakes ones from natural ones. As they are very similar and identical. Additionally there are chances that you may end up buying dyed amethyst glass stone, corundum, nonosital. (Not at all recommended for astrology). 

So better always buy from a manufacturer / Gemstone Cutters or established trader instead of many novice online shops. Finally remember that natural gemstones can’t be cheap as a glass or Chinese replicas. Because they comes from natural mines. And are processed very finely! (Cost is involved at every step.)

Like an old say if it’s too good to be true, it’s not (Fake)“.


d). Do I need to energize amethyst stone before wearing?

Of course all gemstones from Jfactor® goes through deep energizing. But we recommend that you energize natural amethyst gemstone at your level also.
Firstly, immerse the stone ring / pendant in the raw cow milk for about 2 hours before wearing. Then Wash it with clean cold water or Gangajal. Finally recite “Om pram prim praum sah shanaye namah” /  “ऊँ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनये नमः।” for 21 times just after wearing it. 


e). Is amethyst stone worth anything?

Due to it is widely available and that too at very cheap prices. So people tend to think that it is a worthless stone. But let us clarify this, most of the  cheaply priced faceted clean stones in the market are not Natural Amethysts. Instead they are very closely resembling ones like glass, corundum, nonosital, etc. REAL NATURAL AMETHYST STONE IS A GEM GRADE SEMI PRECIOUS MINERAL.  

f). How to know how many carats or ratti weight piece to wear?

Although this might have been told to you by your astrologer. But generally if you are wearing for birthstone/rashi or with your own choice then refer below.

2-2.5 Ratti for children, 3-5 Ratti for teenagers, 5 and above Ratti for adults.

Now a day’s people go for carats instead of ratti. Certainly that is completely alright and perfect.

In fact Jfactor® offers all weights in lowest possible prices: 2 carat, 3 carat, 4 carat, 5 carat, 6 carat, 7 carat, 8 carat, 9 carat, 10 carat, 11 carat, 12 carat, 13 carat.

(Point to remember: if you are advised to wear 5 ratti or 5 carat stone, you should  ideally buy 5.25 carats piece or any figure between 5 and 6 carats. Same applies to all carat sizes.)

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