Blue Sapphire / Neelam Stone

Blue Sapphire / Neelam Stone

Essential Information

Blue Sapphire meaning Neelam stone in Hindi, ruled by the Planet Saturn is an expensive Precious Gemstone. The Color is about light to dark, velvet Blue to Violet Blue. It is said to bring mental Harmony, peace, Wealth, Good Name, long life, prosperity and good children.

People often inquire about Kashmiri neelam stone price and likewise other names But to clarify there are different names in blue sapphire stone like Kashmir sapphire  , Myanmar royal blue, Ceylon ( light blue sapphire ) etc., AND this does not mean that they are necessarily from that particular locality instead the names only symbolizes  a particular shade or property. So be aware of this before paying an unnecessary extra price for the name!

We have simplified the buying of Gemstones by eliminating much confusion in end buyers mind about which origin to buy, what price to buy, what color to buy, etc.  With our years of experience as manufacturers and bulk sellers, we know that the end user needs the real gemstone with the original properties of the stone, as they wear it for a purpose to be specific to get full neelam stone benefits.

So, we have categorized the Neelam Stone Original in four categories according to quality, for the customer to choose as per their individual requirement and budget. Please note that higher the price, higher the color (evenness and Deepness) and Clarity (lesser inclusions) of the Stone.

Quality Grading System

Yellow Sapphire stone price varies vastly so while grading the Quality, we have taken into consideration the fact about what 98% people/customers end up buying in gemstones after researching a lot. WE WANT TO SAVE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT BY OFFERING YOU THE BEST AS PER YOUR BUDGET.

We have graded the gemstones as 1. Better Standard Quality, 2. Standard Quality 3. Better Wearable Quality, 4. Wearable Quality. So, when we say “Better Standard Quality“, it does not mean the Top Quality available, instead it mean that this is the top quality we suggest the person to buy on the higher side, if they are wearing the Gemstone for the first time.

If you need more higher fine quality, please do leave us a email at , and we will serve you promptly.  We have higher qualities upto INR 35,000/- per carat readily available all the time.  

Wearable Quality

This is a minimum starting quality that one should consider if they are looking to wear for astrological purposes.  These are 100% Natural stones but are heated for color enhancements to make them wearable but that does not takes away/alter the chemical composition and the blue sapphire benefits. One can buy it with confidence if they are wearing neelam for first time. This is also our best seller and favorite; Affordable and Effective!

You will undoubtedly get the lowest Blue Sapphire price in India here; Price starts at INR 2625/- (2.25 carat piece)


Better Wearable Quality

A desirable quality to wear; if one is ready to spend for better luster and transparency. Obviously 100% Natural stone comes directly from mines and heated for color enhancement but that does not mean that Gemstone is any different; it is as effective as any natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone . The constituents of stone remains same so buy it with confidence for your astrology matters. 

Wear it to believe it!

Standard Quality

We start non heated ones from this quality as below this price range of non-heated ones are not considered wearable for astrology purpose. We suggest that one should go for this budget and above only after wearing one from above qualities for at-least 3 months and you have seen major positive changes in life. That will mean neelam stone is beneficial for you and then you can go even for very high qualities also!

We believe in gaining from self-experience as astrology vary from individual to individual.

Better Standard Quality

This is one step finer category in unheated sapphires. They have more transparency, luster and color than the standard quality and are pieces of high value. Be assured that you are getting the most genuine and lowest neeelam stone price in India .

Go ahead and make purchase now!