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Hessonite Stone

Hessonite Stone / Gomed Stone

Gomed Stone by Jfactor®




#1. Gomed Stone: Basic Introduction

Gomed stone in english is called as Hessonite. It is a variant of Garnet family. Color of this rashi ratan varies from Orange Red (Cinnamon Shade) to Orange Brown (Honey Shade). A known strong remedy for averting the malefic effects of Planet Rahu. It is said to help in achieving heights of success in short span of time than expected! Improves communication in dealing and also protect from unexpected downfall. As being originated in many parts of the world in various varieties. Therefore hessonite is a semi-precious stone.

We successfully eliminated the buyer confusion as about origin, price, color, etc. Because we kept the choices straight and easy. Due to our years of experience as manufacturers and bulk sellers. We know that the end user needs the real gomedhaka stone with the original properties. Because they wear it for a purpose.

Hence we have simplified to understand & buy gomed online at Jfactor®.

#2. Hessonite Geological Information

Chemical Classification
Chemical Composition
Specific Gravity
Hardness (on Moh’s Scale)
Orange Brown to Orange Red
Natural Occurrence (Origin)
India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, Burma, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Kenya, Canada, U.S.A, and Malaysia.
Crystal System
Translucent to Transparent

#3. Gomed as a Rashi Ratan / Birth Stone

Gomed ratna is also sometimes called as Rahu Stone. Because it is used for relieving the ill effects of this planet. As Rahu is a high energy undisciplined planet. So the position of this in birth chart on 6th, 8th or 12th house or even if in alignment with a malefic planet of an individual. Results in indecisiveness, wicked thoughts, and unwanted actions. Hence bringing bad luck and failures. So wearing a Original Gomed Stone Ring or Pendant in Silver can help bringing balance, positive energy and peace.  Because gomedh gemstone is suppose to attract the positive vibes of Rahu. Therefore, the malefic energies of the planet will be undone.
It is also used as a Birthstone for January Month. Both as per Indian astrology and western one. It is also worn for Makar Rashi (Capricon).  

#4. Who Should Wear Gomed Stone

As gomedhaka stone make Rahu positively Stronger. So wearing the stone by Entertainment Industry and Media people. Like Dancers, actors, Producers, publishers, etc. can have great positive effects.
Additionally also proven very beneficial if worn for trade that attracts regular individual customers. Gamblers, Wine/liquor makers and traders also benefits from strong Rahu.
As per numerology, people born on 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st can wear it. As in reference of Rashi, Makar Rashi people can wear it. January born people also can wear it, if in context of month. Because hessonite is its birthstone.

*We recommend to consult a learned astrologer for correct and deep insights on your specific birth chart.

#5. Benefits and Advantages of Gomedak Stone

The benefits of Gomed stone vastly revolves around the shadowing the negative vibrations from Planet Rahu. So It is said to protect the wearer from misfortunes, unnecessary worries and strained relations. Some people benefits by reaching heights of success in a short time. Improves communication in dealing. And protect from unexpected downfall and evil spirits. Therefore it benefits overall prosperity by giving good health, wealth and happiness.

#6. Hessonite Healing Properties

As it decreases the effect of negative vibes from Rahu. So it is suppose to help heal many physical aliments. Stomach problems like ulcers, too much heat. Skin related problems like itching. Mental illness like lost mind, numb thoughts. Blood related problems etc.

#7. Gomed stone: Complete Guide to Wearing

Wearing Finger (Hand):

Real Gomedhaka Stone Ring should be worn in middle or second finger of right hand. If one  is already wearing some other stone in right hand. Then it can also be worn in left hand. But consult astrologer before!

Wearing Metal:

Ring or Pendant made  in Real Silver is the best Metal option for Gomed Stone. It should not be worn in Gold. As Rahu is a hot planet.  

Wearing Day

Saturday is the ideal day for wearing the Komethagam stone. Ideally the timing of wearing is 2 hours after sunset.

#8. Cautions / Warnings / Side Effects

  • Gomed Stone is not recommended to be worn in Gold Metal.
  • Not Recommended to wear together with these stones. Red Coral, Natural Pearl, Moonstone, Yellow Sapphire and Ruby. Unless recommended by a learned astrologer.
  • If the Gemstone get cracked or develop milky appearance inside. Remove it and Get a new one. Or consult your astrologer.
  • There are no known side effects of gomed stone. 

#9. Hessonite Stone Quality Grading System & Pricing

Original GOMED stone price varies vastly as per quality.  It starts from Cinnamon Red and goes till Honey Orange Red. Also more clarity attract more price. With this on cards and specific astrology of each stone. The Grading of Gemstones is successfully done.  At the same time we have taken into consideration of the fact as what 98% people finally end up buying in gemstones. WE WANT TO SAVE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT BY OFFERING YOU THE BEST. SPECIFICALLY AS PER YOUR BUDGET.


The Gemstones are graded into three categories namely.  1.Better Standard Quality. 2. Standard Quality. And 3. Better Wearable Quality. But when we say “Standard Quality“. It does not mean the Top Quality available. Instead it means that this is the top quality we suggest to wear for the first time wearers. For complete komethagam stone price list, click individual quality category below.

If you need more higher and fine quality. Please do leave us a email at reex@jfactor.in . And we will serve you promptly.  We have higher qualities upto INR 7,000/- per carat readily available all the time.  

Better Wearable Quality

Perfect Quality if you are looking to wear for astrological purposes. And also need a pocket friendly effective option.  These are 100% Natural stones. Because the low rahu stone price  doesn’t mean the benefits will be any lesser.  All in all one can buy it with confidence if they are this gemstone for first time.  Affordable and Effective!

You will undoubtedly get the lowest hessonite stone price in India here. As Price starts only at INR 751/- (2.25 carat piece)

Standard Quality

A desirable quality to wear but only if you are ready to invest for better luster and transparency. 100% Natural gomed gemstone comes directly from mines. And not treated by any means. This is the standard quality. But that does not mean that it is any different in comparison to expensive qualities. Indeed the constituents and chemistry of stone remains same. Therefore it is as effective as any other natural gomedhaka stone.  Hence you can buy it with confidence for your astrology matters. 

Wear it to believe it!

Better Standard Quality

We start Ceylon hessonite ones from this quality. As ones below this price range are NOT considered wearable for astrology purpose. In saloni gomed stone we recommend to wear this quality at the start. And as a result if you notice positive changes in life. That will mean that ceylon gomed stone is beneficial for you. So further you can go even for very high qualities also!

In other words, it’s like gaining from self-experience as astrology vary from individual to individual.

This Sri Lankan Gomed price starts here at just INR 3551/-

#10. Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

a). How long does it takes for Gomed to work or show its effect?

For most people, it takes about anywhere from 1 to 3 months. One will start noticing the difference within that time frame. But it depends on certain key factors. Like the stone has to be real, properly energized. And most importantly that it is meant for you as per astrology or Rashi.

b). How to identify if Gomed Stone is real?

Original gomed stone identification can only be accurately done by a gemologist or a registered lab. As it needs to be tested for hardness, composition, refrective index, etc. There is much misinformation online about testing of komethagam stone. None of them will 100% assure you of the accurate results. Instead they all will only make one more susceptible. It’s like leave the job for the one who perfects it.

Buy from a manufacturer / Gemstone Cutters or established trader instead of many novice online shops. Remember natural gemstones can’t be cheap as a glass or Chinese replicas. Because they comes from natural mines. And are processed very finely! (Cost is involved at every step.)

Like an old say if it’s too good to be true, it’s not (Fake)“.

c). Which Gomed Stone is best?

The best stone is the one that works for you. A tricky question but simple answer. If gomedh is astrologically meant for you then all the qualities available at Jfactor® will work. As they are specifically selected and energized for the same. Ceylon gomed Stone is preferred by many astrologers due to its intensity and shade.

d). Do I need to energize Gomed stone before wearing?

Though all gemstones from Jfactor® goes through deep energizing. But we reccommend that you energize gomed stone at your level also.
Immerse the stone ring / pendant in the raw cow milk for about 2 hours before wearing. Then Wash it with clean cold water or Gangajal. Recite “OM RAHAVE NAMAH” for 21 times just after wearing it.

e). How to know how many carats or ratti weight piece to wear?

This might have been told to you by your astrologer. But generally if you are wearing for birthstone/rashi or with your own choice.

2-2.5 Ratti for children, 3-5 Ratti for teenagers, 5-12 Ratti for adults.

Now a day’s people go for carats instead of ratti. That is completely alright and perfect.

Jfactor® offers all weights in lowest possible prices: 2 carat, 3 carat, 4 carat, 5 carat, 6 carat, 7 carat, 8 carat, 9 carat, 10 carat, 11 carat, 12 carat, 13 carat.

(Point to remember: if you are advised to wear 5 ratti or 5 carat stone, you should  ideally buy 5.25 carats piece or any figure between 5 and 6 carats. Same applies to all carat sizes.)

For more General and Technical information  on Gomed Gemstone; Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grossular#Hessonite