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Important Basic Information

We manufacture /process/import/source all kinds of energized Natural Astrology Stones ( rashi ratna ) in nearly all qualities possible related to ratan bhagya .

We take immense care in selecting gemstones of correct grade. Because the end customer is wearing it for a reason and not just as a piece of jewellery. And Our moto is to a see a smile on your face!

For doing online rashi ratan shopping or otherwise also. It is very difficult for end user to understand the complexity of selecting the correct quality of stone. As suggested by their astrologers or if wearing birthstones by  date of birth . For the same purpose, we have divided the rashi ratna in well defined different Qualities with exact prices. So making it very easy for the customer to make a purchase as per their budget.

Also note that there are  few lucky stones for all rashi .  For instance, common lucky stones for zodiac signs are Sulemani Kala Akik , Turquoise , cats eye ( rashi stone name ). If you are looking to buy genuine rashi ratan with correct prices. Then by far you are at the best place to buy gemstones online . Since we offer lowest rashi stone price .

Quality & Pricing

How to decide which gemstone to wear based on Quality and how rashi stone  price relates to it?

Gemstones astrology says that one should wear only natural rashi ratan. One should wear it with regard to birth date. Or as suggested by a learned astrologer. As such there is no accurate gemstone astrology calculator to buy astrological stones online. Regarding inquiry of gemstones according to rashi and nakshatra . Consult with a learned astrologer.

Quality of astrology stones depends on the color, the inclusions inside the Gemstone and the Treatment (if any). As Treatments are done to make them affordable and in everyone’s reach. Obviously, “Good Visible Stone Color with fewer inclusions” will cost more than “the Dull Stone Color with more Inclusions”Price Increase criteria is “Color goes on increasing and inclusions go on decreasing”.  You can buy ratan online here. Since all our  astrology stones are 100% genuine and natural. Therefore suppose to carry all the Energies of that Gemstone. Because the chemical composition of the stone remains same whether heated or not. As per astrologers, Better Quality of Stone supposed to yield fast results*. 


Lot of fuss over the internet on certifications. Everyone recommends International High End lab certificate is the only basis of genuine stone. So how to buy certified gemstones online in India?

This is a very interesting question to answer. It is very obvious that getting a reputed Lab certificate is very good. BUT that doesn’t make hundreds of Registered Gemologist lab certificate fake. So this is a misconception!

International Reputed labs charge higher to test the stone (10x to 30x times the normal labs). So we only recommend to insist for them it if you are buying higher quality astrology stones. Since they are of high value so the certification expenses are justified. But if you are buying minimum/average/standard quality rashi ratan. Then just see that you choose a correct supplier. And also that the certificate provided is from a Lab that is registered with the local body. Furthermore in case of any doubt you can get the test done in your city also. (it will only cost you a few bucks). Indeed manufacture suppliers of rashi ratna or Reputed Natural Gemstone regular traders can only play with the prices. But they won’t sell fake stones!

As For Origin testing for higher end stone. One should always go for International Reputed Labs.

After Sales Satisfaction

How would you know that you have bought a genuine rashi ratan online at correct prices?

Let’s suppose for example you buy unbranded product from a high end showroom. Similar product from a local shop. And same from the place where it is made or processed for selling. Which one would be cost less? Correct you know it! AS WE ARE AT THE VERY BASE OF CHAIN. Hence we are able to offer lowest prices possible in every  quality of rashi ratna. Most importantly when you are happy with the stone. Consequently we will have more business.

As you know that to asses Gemstones Quality especially astrology stones. One need to have a very good knowledge and experience of Gemology. Since the end customer is not a Gemologist. So we suggest you to go to your nearest Gemstone Shop or Astrologer (who also sells Gemstones). Tell them that you want to spend some “X” amount for the piece. “X” amount is the cost at which you have purchased your rashi ratna from our store.  They will show you the piece! Just compare the piece to ours. We assure that even you would know that you have taken a right decision in purchasing from us. Conclusion is that as we are a manufacturer /natural gemstone processing unit. Therefore we know how much a Retailer will charge for the same quality of Gemstone! ”   

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