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Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj Stone

Essential Information

Yellow Sapphire meaning Pukhraj stone in hindi . It is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. The Color is about light Yellow to mid yellow. It’s an expensive but safest gemstone considered. Mostly, it is worn for prosperity and leisure. It is said to be good gemstone for the ones in business and industries.  

People often ask how to identify original yellow sapphire . And is there any pukhraj stone test that can be done by customer themselves? Well the answer is a clear No. Unless you are a person who deals in stones or a gemologist. Since it is not easy to differ natural from fake ones.

It is a difficult task for users to decide on buying rashi ratan. Therefore at Jfactor® we have simplified the buying of Gemstones. It is by eliminating much confusion in end user mind. That is what origin to select, what price to buy and what color is suitable, etc.  Because with our years of experience as manufacturers and bulk sellers. We know that the end user most importantly needs the stone for original properties. It is obvious because they want to wear it for specific purpose. And that is to get full pukhraj stone uses and benefits.

Hence, we have divided the Original Pukhraj Stone into four categories. Categories are price specific. Therefore customer can easily choose as per their requirement and budget.

As color (evenness and Deepness) and Clarity (lesser inclusions) of the Stone increases. So the Price of the stone increases. 


Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj Stone Quality Grading System

Yellow Sapphire stone price varies vastly as per quality. With this in mind and specific astrology of each stone. The Grading of Gemstones is successfully  done.  At the same time we have taken into consideration of the fact as what 98% people finally end up buying in gemstones. WE WANT TO SAVE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT BY OFFERING YOU THE BEST. SPECIFICALLY AS PER YOUR BUDGET.

The Gemstones are graded into  four categories namely. 1. Better Standard Quality. 2. Standard Quality. 3. Better Wearable Quality. and  4. Wearable Quality. But when we say “Better Standard Quality“. It does not mean the Top Quality available. Instead it means that this is the top quality we suggest to wear for the first time wearers.

If you need more higher and fine quality. Please do leave us a email at . And we will serve you promptly.  We have higher qualities upto INR 35,000/- per carat readily available all the time.  

Wearable Quality

Perfect Quality if you are looking to wear for astrological purposes. And also need a pocket friendly effective option.  These are 100% Natural stones. To make them wearable. They are heated for color enhancement. It does not takes away or alter the chemical composition of stone. As a result the yellow sapphire benefits  are unaffected and remains same. All in all one can buy it with confidence if they are wearing pukhraj for first time. This is also our best seller and favorite. Affordable and Effective!

You will undoubtedly get the lowest Yellow Sapphire price in India here. As Price starts only at INR 2625/- (2.25 carat piece)

Better Wearable Quality

A desirable quality to wear but only if you are ready to invest for better luster and transparency. 100% Natural stones comes directly from mines and heated for color enhancement. But that does not mean that it is any different in comparison to expensive qualities. Indeed the constituents and chemistry of stone remains same. Therefore it is as effective as any other natural yellow sapphire gemstone.  Hence you can buy it with confidence for your astrology matters. 

Wear it to believe it!

Standard Quality

We start non heated ones from this quality. As Non-heated ones below this price range are NOT considered wearable for astrology purpose. Most importantly one should go for this budget and above. If they have at-least worn any starting qualities for 3 months. And as a result have seen positive changes in life. Because that will mean that pukhraj stone is beneficial for you. Further you can go even for very high qualities also!

In other words, its like gaining from self-experience as astrology vary from individual to individual.

Better Standard Quality

In comparison to previous category this is one step finer unheated sapphires. Because they have more transparency, luster and color than the standard quality. Hence also are pieces of high value. To sum up you can go for this category; specifically if you also want beauty with benefits. Be assured because you are getting the most genuine and lowest pukhraj stone price in India .

Go ahead and make purchase now!

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