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#1. Zircon Stone: Basic Introduction

Zircon is a real gemstone and not a man made stone.  Notably in Gemstone category. Sometimes it is also called as oldest known mineral on earth. As a matter of fact, zircon crystals are estimated to be around 4.4 billion years old. In general, color of this rashi ratan varies in various shades like white (clear), blue, Green, red, honey, etc. Although green zircon is the rarest. But in Vedic astrology  Colorless or White Zircon is particularly important. Please note that Real Zircon is completely different from Cubic Zirconia or American diamond. In fact Zircon is 100% Natural and on the other hand Cubic Zirconia is manmade. Because of its affiliation to Planet Venus. Natural White Zircon gemstone can be used as low cost substitute to diamond also.
Indeed a strong stone known for gaining Self Confidence. Likewise it is said that wearer of zircon stone gets mental stability and therefore clarity of thought! Moreover there is a strong significance of zircon diamond in healing too. Because notably it is a perfect stabilizer of energies. Ordinarily Zircon mineral concentrates are found worldwide. But chiefly Gem Grade Zircon is found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Madagascar, Nigeria and Vietnam. And it is in semi-precious stone category.

We successfully eliminated the buyer confusion as about origin, price, color, etc. Because we kept the choices straight and easy. Provided our years of significant experience as manufacturers and bulk sellers. Surely, we know that the end user needs the real zircon ratna with the original properties. Because they wear it for a particular purpose.

Hence, in other words, we have simplified to understand & buy Zircon online at Jfactor®.

#2. Turquoise Stone Geological Information

Chemical Classification
Chemical Composition
Specific Gravity
Hardness (on Moh’s Scale)
Mainly Colorless (best for astrology), blue, , green, yellow, red, orange, Brown. 
Natural Occurrence GEM GRADE (Origin)
Chiefly from Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Madagascar, Nigeria and Vietnam.
Crystal System
  From Transparent to Translucent
Almost Imperfect

#3. Zircon as a Rashi Ratan / Birth Stone

Zircon in Hindi is also pronounced as Jarkan Gemstone. Also markedly Natural White Zircon stone is a sub stone for Planet Venus. That is the reason it is also used as Diamond stone substitute.
Another key point, it is a main stone for Uranus(as some astrologers suggest). Thereby also very beneficial to make it Strong.
But overall in one’s chart if Venus is a positive planet. But sitting in a malefic(effect) house. Then astrologers may suggest  to wear it. Hence to avoid negative events. Like frequent quarrels, low confidence, bad habits etc.  Furthermore as a result wearing a Original Zircon Ring or Pendant preferably in white gold. Or otherwise Silver can help bring stability, health and peace to the wearer.  Also Notably Zircon meaning is “Stone of Stability”. All in all, it is very effective in overcoming malefic energies of the planets or celestial bodies.
As per western astrology, it is also used as a Birthstone for December Month like Turquoise and Lapis. Contrary as per Indian astrology. It is significantly used as a birthstone for September. Similarly, it is also worn for Kanya Rashi (Virgo) . And also for Tula(Libra) Rashi.  

#4. Who Should Wear Zircon Stone

In general Zircon stone nullifies the negative effects for wrong positioning of Venus. So if Venus is strong but sitting in a malefic position. Under these circumstances, that person is advised to wear Natural Zircon stone. Furthermore  it is also said as a favorable stone for Planet Uranus. Additionally, if one is facing issues in life. Such as problems in marital affairs, life partner compatibility issues, lack of  love in a relationship, other person falling sick quite often etc., can certainly give it a try! Also people with flickering mind can wear it. All in all it is a Energies Stabilizer Stone. Therefore conclusively it will be helpful for a person specifically falling under any category mentioned above. 
Even as per numerology, people born on 6th, 15th, 24nd can wear it. Moreover in reference of Rashi, Virgo or Kanya Rashi people can wear it. Likewise, December born people also can wear it as per Western Astrology. 
Contrary, September born people can wear it as per vedic astrology, Because Zircon is mentioned as its birthstone.

*We recommend to consult a learned astrologer for correct and deep insights on your specific birth chart.

#5. Benefits and Advantages of Zircon Stone

In fact, Zircon stone benefits vastly revolves around alleviating the negativity due to malefic position of Venus. So It is said to protect the wearer from strained relations, marital misbalances, lack of love and quarrels in life. Most importantly, it is a strong stone for balancing “Celestial Energies”. Thus helpful in protecting from indecisiveness, laziness, bad habits, etc. Likewise, white Jarkan Diamond stone brings mental peace, clarity of thoughts. Therefore it benefits overall personality by bringing Self Confidence to the wearer!

#6. Natural White Zircon Healing Properties

Because Zircon is used vastly as a stone for Balancing of Energies. Therefore it is associated with all the chakras. Thus it helps one to clean the Spiritual Aura of all chakras. Consequently it provides healing from many physical as well as mental ailments. 
Provided its anti spasmodic properties. Thereby it may help liver and gall bladder related issues. Moreover, it  is also likely to help heal respiratory related issues like asthma,  bronchitis  etc. Additionally it is supposed to  stimulates metabolism. Hence helpful in preventing water retention, blood pressure etc.

#7. Zircon Gemstone: Complete Guide to Wearing

Wearing Finger (Hand):

Usually, original zircon Ring should be worn in ring finger of right hand. If in case one is already wearing some other stone. Then it can be worn in middle finger as it is a sub-stone. Although it should not be worn on left hand. Additionally, it can be worn as pendant also.
If required, then one can consult astrologer before!

Wearing Metal:

By all means, Ring or Pendant made  in White Gold or Real Silver are definitely the best Metal options for zircon stones.

Wearing Day

Although, Friday is the ideal day for wearing the zircon diamond. Additionally it can also be worn on Saturday also. Ideally the timing of wearing is just before sunrise in shukla paksha. But can be worn before afternoon also.

#8. Zircon Stone: Cautions / Warnings / Side Effects

  • Although it is a Energy Stabilizer. But it should not be worn with astrological value Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Moti (Pearl) stones. To clarify further, you can consult a learned astrologer.
  • In a unlike event of the Gemstone getting cracked or develop milky appearance inside. Immediately Remove it and Get a new one. 
  • Surely, individually there are no noted side effects.  Therefore Zircon is safe to wear if worn under proper guidance and combinations (if any).
  • Important point to remember about cleaning and recharging the zircon stone. After nearly every six months. Remove the ring/pendant and put it in Rock Salt Water overnight. Then wear it next morning after washing  with water.

#9. Quality Grading System & Pricing

Zircon is worth equally like any other Natural occurring Gemstone. In fact its price varies vastly as per quality. For instance, zircon price per carat  ranges from INR 500 to INR 25000.  But we will only refer here grade for astrology. And it is colorless or white. It starts from translucent to  transparent.  To be specific less inclusions and luster attract more natural white zircon price. Thus, evaluating these points and most importantly specific astrology of each stone. Finally,  The Grading of Gemstones is successfully done.  At the same time we have taken into consideration of the fact as what 98% people finally end up buying in gemstones. BY AND LARGE, WE WANT TO SAVE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT BY OFFERING YOU THE BEST. SPECIFICALLY AS PER YOUR BUDGET.

Categories of Zircon Stone:

All things considered, the Gemstones are graded into three categories namely.  1.Standard Fine Quality. 2. Good Wearable Quality And 3. Better Wearable Quality.  In order to know complete zircon stone price list. Click individual quality category below.

If you need more higher and fine quality. Please do leave us a email at reex@jfactor.in . And we will serve you promptly.  We have higher qualities upto INR 15,000/- per carat readily available all the time.  

Better Wearable Quality (Replace)

Always a Perfect Quality if you are looking to wear for astrological purposes. And also need a pocket friendly effective option.  Indeed, these are 100% Natural stones. They are slightly included and SI Clarity Grade of Diamond. Most Importantly, it does not takes away or alter the chemical composition of stone. As a result the Zircon Gemstone benefits are unaffected and remains same. All in all one can buy it with confidence if they are wearing Zircon stone for first time. In fact this is our best seller and we also recommend  it. 

Affordable and Effective!

You will undoubtedly get the lowest Zircon Gemstone Price in India here. Currently Price starts only at INR 1531/- (2.25 carat piece)

Good Wearable Quality

Indeed a desirable standard quality to wear. Certainly better luster and Clarity in stone. You can comfortably compare it with VS1 grade as that of a diamond. As always, they are sourced directly from mines. So 100% Natural! Not only it is just very fine quality. But we also offer this zircon price pocket friendly too!

   Hence you can buy it with confidence for your astrology matters. 

Wear it to believe it!

Standard Fine Quality

Now this is fine quality In comparison to previous category. It is somewhat equivalent to VVS1 as that of a diamond. Definitely have an winning edge on luster and clarity of stone. As it is very fine grade so they are expensive zircon stones.

To sum up you can go for this category. If above all you want beauty with benefits. And satisfaction of wearing the best (less available stone). Then be assured because you are getting the most genuine and lowest white Zircon price per carat in India here at Jfactor®.

Go ahead and make purchase now!

#10. Zircon Stone | Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

a). How long does it takes for white jarkan diamond to work or show its effect?

For most people, indeed it takes about anywhere from 1 to 3 months. Subsequently one will start noticing the difference within that time frame. But it depends on certain key factors. Like the stone has to be real, properly energized. And most importantly that it is meant for you as per astrology or Rashi.

b). How to identify if Zircon Stone is real?

In fact Original Zircon stone identification can only be accurately done by a gemologist or a registered lab. As it needs to be tested for hardness, composition, refrective index, etc. Though there are few noticeable points one can look for!, Please note if stone is crystal clear and too much glare with low pricing. Then it is surely not natural zircon. Instead it might be a CZ or Lab made diamond.(Not at all recommended for astrology).  It must be remembered that Natural Zircon stone is not cheap. Notably, it will come with few inclusions, if seen properly. 

So better always buy from a manufacturer / Gemstone Cutters or established trader instead of many novice online shops. Finally remember that natural gemstones can’t be cheap as a glass or Chinese replicas. Because they comes from natural mines. And are processed very finely! (Cost is involved at every step.)

Like an old say if it’s too good to be true, it’s not (Fake)“.

c). What is the difference between Zircon and Diamond?

Indeed very commonly asked question.

  • Both are 100% Natural occuring stones.
  • Diamond is the hardest known gemstone on planet earth. Natural Zircon hardness is around 7 that surely makes its strong and hard too. But below Diamond.
  • White Zircon won’t sparkle like diamond. Becuase its Refractive index is lesser than that of a Diamond.  But that makes it no less a beautiful stone. Remember the price difference also. Indeed higher price is  for more beauty!
  • Many learned Astrologers says that Zircon is, in fact, more powerful than diamond. Because of its strong Energy Stabilizing characteristics. Therefore very effective in absorbing negative energies.
  • Yes, it can be used as a sub stone or substitute for diamond. Provided your astrologer suggested you the same.

Truly, if Zircon is astrologically meant for you then all the qualities available at Jfactor® will work. As they are specifically selected and energized for the same. 

d). Do I need to energize natural zircon stone before wearing?

Of course all gemstones from Jfactor® goes through deep energizing. But we recommend that you energize white zircon gemstone at your level also.
Firstly, immerse the stone ring / pendant in the raw cow milk for about 2 hours before wearing. Then Wash it with clean cold water or Gangajal. Finally recite “Aum Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah”  for 21 times just after wearing it. 

f). How to know how many carats or ratti weight piece to wear?

Although this might have been told to you by your astrologer. But generally if you are wearing for birthstone/rashi or with your own choice then refer below.

2-2.5 Ratti for children, 3-5 Ratti for teenagers, 5 and above Ratti for adults.

Now a day’s people go for carats instead of ratti. Certainly that is completely alright and perfect.

In fact Jfactor® offers all weights in lowest possible prices: 2 carat, 3 carat, 4 carat, 5 carat, 6 carat, 7 carat, 8 carat, 9 carat, 10 carat, 11 carat, 12 carat, 13 carat.

(Point to remember: if you are advised to wear 5 ratti or 5 carat stone, you should  ideally buy 5.25 carats piece or any figure between 5 and 6 carats. Same applies to all carat sizes.)

For more General and Technical information  on Emerald Gemstone; Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zircon